I can learn more about Jesus and His commandments, week 3
(Friend Jul 2003, suggestion # 2)

Help the children become more familiar with the scriptures by inviting people from the ward or branch or the teachers to share their favorite scriptures.

Have the adults read or recite from memory their favorite scripture and tell how it helps them follow the Savior.
Emphasize that learning about Jesus and His commandments through the scriptures and then being obedient to these teachings help us follow the Savior in faith.

Sing a song about following the Savior, such as "I'm Trying to Be like Jesus" (pp. 7879).

Help the children share a scripture that has meaning to them.

For those who need help choosing a scripture, list on the board familiar scriptures, or help children locate specific scriptures they enjoy by using the Topical Guide.
Have each child write a scripture on a piece of paper (or copy a scripture for younger children).
Invite them to display it at home where they can review it as they memorize it during the week.
Challenge the children to be prepared to recite their scripture the following week, and follow up on this challenge the next Sunday.


From the CSMP booklet 2003:
Heavenly Father and Jesus Gave Us the Scriptures, Primary 1, Lesson 41
Josiah and Ezra Read the Scriptures to the People
, Primary 6, Lesson 37