Fathers day ST

Jr. Primary:

Two weeks ago we handed out invites to all the Dads of Primary aged children to clear their calendars, arrange for subs and join their children for a very special Father's Day were they will be the "THE CATCH OF THE DAY".  (We do something similar on Mother's Day). 

Each group will be given a tie (made out of tagboard) 8 little fish, and a glue stick.

In the front of the room I am going to have a plastic blue sheet hanging between two chairs.
I will call a child up one at a time to "cast" the fishing pole- with a magnet on the end- into the pond. 
In the pond their will be 8 different colored/kinds of fish and 6 starfish. 
Whatever is written on the fish the children will then do with their dads.  When they've completed the task, they get to glue the corresponding fish on dads tie. 
If they "catch" a star fish they will sing a primary song.

Some of the things the children will do with their dads include: 

When the activity is over, we'll have the dads put on their ties and take a picture of them with their kids.

Sr. Primary:
The dads are invited as well. 
We are going to play a game similar to Cranium.  The categories will be

Each group will keep their own score and at the very end we'll add all of the scores together and if we reach a certain number (which we WILL), they'll all get a CC cookie and their dads will get a giant cookie.