January 2004 (week 2)
I can pray to Heavenly Father anytime, anywhere.
I am trying to remember and follow Jesus
(by Conny Hillgaard)

This ST is based on the talk given by Sis. Sydney S. Reynolds, Ensign, May 2003, 113


Sing: I Know My Father Lives" (CS, 5)
(Give the music leader about 5 min. to teach the meaning of this song)

Show GAK # 605
Read 3 Nephi 14:78
What do think these verses mean?

When we pray, the spirit can speak to us.

Where were you the last time you prayed?
Where can you pray? (write suggestions on the bord)

Music Leader, Sing: Ill seak the Lord early

Can you tell me some stories from the scriptures where some have prayed and their prayer have been answered?

Display the following pictures: Show GAK # 303; Show GAK # 117; Show GAK # 305; Primary manuel 6 picture # 34; Show GAK # 400/402/403

Choose a child to come forward and pick a picture.
(Ask the child/children to tell you the stories of the picture just chosen. Fill in what they can not remember. Then sing the song, that goes with the picture.. Give time to the song leader to teach the song if needed.)

Nephi was told how to build a ship and where to find food; Show GAK # 303
Music Leader, Sing: Nephi's courage

Daniel prayed for protection from the lions; Show GAK # 117
Music Leader, Sing: Follow the prophet (verse 8)

Enos prayed all day and into the night that his sins would be forgiven; Show GAK # 305
Music Leader, Sing: Help me, Dear Father

Hannah prayed that she could have a baby. Primary manuel 6 picture # 34
Music Leader, Sing: Follow the prophet (verse 6)

The story of Joseph Smith; Show GAK # 4 (chose) 400/402/403
Music Leader, Sing: The Golden plates

Testify to the children, that Heavenly Father will answer our prayers anytime, anywhere.
That He will hear our prayers and answer our prayers, in a way that is best for us.