Nursery: not babysitting
(Ensign Dec 1980)

The nursery is not a baby-sitting service, a convenience for parents. 
Its main purpose is "to serve the children, to provide a safe, organized environment where young children can learn and play and have a happy church experience" (Nursery Guidebook, p. 1).

But how can any room full of energetic one- and two-year-olds (and even three-year-olds) be anything but a free-for-all? 

Adequate supervision by well-oriented permanent teachers is a key: there is at least one teacher for up to six children (the Primary leaders can determine if one or two teachers are needed); at least two teachers for every six to sixteen children; and if more children regularly attend, a second group is formed in another room with two or more teachers. The teachers have been oriented to the special needs of the youngsters and are in the nursery every week to give security to the children and unity to their learning experiences. 
(ENSIGN from December 1980.  "KEEPING PACE  The Nursery:  Where Children Come First".)

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