I know Gods plan

(by Cathrine)

Tell the children that Heavenly Father had a plan for us.

Who can remember what He created?

Have pictures or actual objects to represent the 7 days of the creation.

She had paper flowers that she had handed out to the sisters. The ones with numbers on the back came up in order to hold the objects as you learn about what Heavenly Father and Jesus created.

  1. He made light.  Genesis 1:1, 3, 5
  2. He made the sky (firmament). Genesis 1:6-8
  3. He made flowers, grass and trees. Genesis 1:11-13
  4. He made the sun, moon, and stars. Genesis 1:16, 19
  5. He made birds, fish, and whales. Genesis 1:21, 23
  6. He made land animals (Genesis 1:25) and man (Genesis 1:27, 31)
  7. He rested. Genesis 2:2

Heavenly Father and Jesus created so many wonderful things. They are all different with lots of colors and very beautiful.  When someone gives you a wonderful gift, you want to take care of it and treat it with respect. We need to treat all of these gifts that Heavenly Father and Jesus created for us with respect.

Some of the paper flowers that she had handed out to the sisters had a frog sticker under the center of the flower. Those people came up to be the helpers for this section. The letters R E S P E C T were down one side of the chalkboard. Small pictures representing the different areas were on the floor. The helper would use one of those sticky hands (she had a sticky frog) and slap it on the picture. The picture would come right up and she'd put the picture on the board and talk about that area.

E=Eyes to see variety and all that is around us
S=Smell the flowers?take time
P=Plant a garden
E=Eat healthy so our bodies have strength and work right
C=Care for pets and other animals
T=Thank heavenly Father for all that he gives us.

Close by bearing testimony of the love that Heavenly Father and Jesus have for each of us. Express thanks for this beautiful world. Express the hope that each of us will truly enjoy it and treat it with respect.