Faith in the Lord strengthens me and my family, 
(by Conny Hillgaard)

Sing: Faith

Make a poster saying (and have the children say it out loud):
“Faith and a knowledge of the scriptures can help us meet the challenges of today”
(President Harold B. Lee,  Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentation 1984).

Sing: I'll be valiant (CS 162)

Reading about faithful, courageous men and women in the scriptures can help us to develop the faith and courage we need to make difficult decisions in our own lives.

Show a seed growing (Faith in Jesus Christ   Friend Jan 1999), explain the faith is like a seed that grows until it bears fruit.
Some of the fruits of our faith are the blessings, courage, and strength we receive when we are prayerful and faithful in doing what is right.

Give the song leader 5-10 min to teach: "I pray in faith"

Play memory:

Make several large paper apples. Ex. 10 apples. (Friend Nov. 1986 Apple)

  1. On 5 of the apples write a scripture reference
  2. On the other 5 write a name (clue) the goes with the scripture reference
  3. Choose 5 songs that goes with each pair of apples.

When a scripture references and a name has been matched, sing the song that goes along with the pair.


Name Scripture Picture Song
Adam 1 Mos 1:27; 2:7; 21-22; 3:20 6-5 Follow the prophet
(verse 1)
Sjadrak, Mesjak &
Daniel 3:26-27 GAK 116 Chorus of Nephi's courage
Noah 1 Mos 6-7; Moses 8 102 or 103 Follow the prophet verse
(verse 3)
Daniel Daniel 6: 17-21 GAK 117 Follow the prophet verse
(verse 8)
David 1 Sam 17 6-24 Lord I would follow Thee, Hymns 220

Friend, May 1984