I lived in heaven
(by Jenny)

After singing through the song, I had them decide if this was a reverent or rowdy, fun song. 

Of course they realized it was reverent, so I told them we had an activity to do, kind of like musical chairs, but a more reverent version. 

I had taken words from the song (I think I had 24 words--it ended up being more words than kids, but that was fine, since I just wanted to be sure there was at least one word per kid.)  I took the words and made one set to lay on the floor in a circle, the other set in a brown paper bag. 

The kids got on the circle of words on the floor, facing clockwise, and when the piano played, they sang and walked.  When the music stopped, they walked quietly to the closest word (reminding them that it was okay--there was a word for everyone). 

Then I pulled a word out of the bag--whoever was on that word picked their word up from the ground and came to me to get a sticker (the sticker said "Behind this sticker is a very special kid"--this worked because we have been talking about how special they are since they all chose to follow Heavenly Father's plan, and I reminded them of that as I placed the 1st sticker on the 1st kid). 

Then the child who was now sitting would still help sing, and as they sang, they listened for their word in the song, then would stand up whenever they heard it. 

This worked even for the non-readers because the teacher walked with her class in the circle to help them learn their word, and then once they had their word called, they remembered what that word was because it was their "winning" word.