I can pray to Heavenly Father anytime, anywhere
(by Heidi)

Four "Station" Activities

Station 1: Music
Children will learn song of the month: "I’ll Follow Him in Faith."
Activities to learn the song will be planned by music leader.

Station 2: I can pray anytime, anywhere

1. Have children name some times when they can pray.

2. Read (or have a child read) 3 Nephi 18:15, 18. Why does Jesus want us to pray always? (So we can have the Holy Ghost with us, and so we won’t be tempted by Satan.)

3. Read (or have a child read) Alma 13:28.

i. Junior: repeat phrases over and over.
ii. Senior: erase words from white board as children learn.

Station 3: Steps of Prayer

1. Discuss steps of prayer:

2. Hand out word strips (make up phrases) to children, then have them decide whether item is a "we thank thee" or "we ask thee" item.
3. Color prayer picture.
4. If additional activities are needed, have children list (out loud) or write
down things they are thankful for.

Station 4: I can receive answers to my prayers

1. Tell stories:

2. Discuss the blessings John and Daniel received when they prayed (John: finding the lost coin; Daniel: safety in a dangerous place).
3. Have the children guess how some prayers are answered by listening to
the riddle below. Have them raise their hands when they know the answer.

4. Explain that sometimes answers to our prayers come through the Holy Ghost (answer to riddle), also called the "still small voice."