Faith in God Program
(compiled by Jennifer Nielsen)




  • Begins July 1

  • Activity Days

  • 4 areas of focus

  • Complete in 11th year

  • No jewelry or pins

  • Gospel centered

  • Ends Dec 31, 2003

  • Achievement Days

  • 12 areas of focus

  • Complete anytime before age 12

  • Jewelry/pins when complete

  • Activity centered


Goals of new program:
  1. Reduce and Simplify
  2. Focus on Gospel Principles
  3. Ensure flexibility
  4. Harmonize with scouting
Requirements for Children 8-11:
  1. 6 Basic Requirements (p.4)
  2. 4 Other Requirements (p 4-5)
  3. Write your testimony (p14-15)
  4. Memorize and explain the Articles of Faith
  5. Complete 2 activities per year in four areas:
    Learning and living the Gospel
    Serving Others
    Developing Talents
    Preparing for the Priesthood/YW
  6. Interview with the Bishop

Children may work on requirements alone, with family, or at Activity Days/Scouting. They should keep track of activities they have completed in their book.
Done correctly, it should take the child four years to complete the award.


The Faith in God program is available to assist parents in teaching their children the Gospel. Parents are encouraged to work with their children on this program and help them complete activities.

Requirements for Activity Day leaders:
Scouting leaders:

Scouting continues on as before, but boys can pass off requirements for Faith in God during Scout activities. Boys who complete all the requirements in the book noted with a knot earn the Scouting Religious Square Knot Patch. Where possible, Scouting should incorporate Faith in God activities.
It would be helpful if leaders kept track of their boys' achieved requirements as well as allowing the boys to track them themselves.

Primary Presidency:

Children 8-11 are to help plan one general activity day per year.
Additionally, the Presidency should be available to support activity day leaders as needed.

  1. If I've already received my Gospel in Action or Faith in God award, can I do this program?
    Yes, and you should. You begin on the year you're in (if you're 10, you don't have to go back and complete requirements for 8 and 9 years.)
  2. Can I work ahead?
    No. You cannot earn the award earlier than your 11th year.
  3. If I've almost completed my Gospel in Action award, can I still get it?
    Yes, until Dec 31.
  4. How do I transfer from the progress I've made in Gospel in Action to Faith in God?
    You may transfer any Articles of Faith you've already passed off, and you begin with Faith in God in your current year. You don't have to complete requirements for earlier years.
  5. Does Faith in God replace Cub scouting?
    No. Boys work on Faith in God along with Scouting requirements. Boys who complete all the requirements in the book noted with a knot can earn the Scouting Religious Square Knot Patch. You can earn this patch before you earn the entire Faith in God award.
  6. I used to earn trinkets or jewelry as I completed goals.
    Church leaders want the joy of learning the gospel to replace the joy of receiving rewards.
    Two activity days a year should be set aside to recognize the goals children have achieved thus far, but the reward should be the goal achieved.
  7. I started the program two years ago but haven't done anything yet. Can I still earn the award?
    Yes, but you must independently achieve the requirements for past years.