Choose the right way (CS 160)
Song presentation
(Friend Aug 2003 suggestion # 5)

To teach "Choose the Right Way" (pp. 160–61), use an object small enough to hide in your hand to illustrate a teaching of Jesus Christ—for example:

Discuss the teaching and how the children will be happy as they follow the Savior's teachings.

Have all the children line up against the wall at the back of the room. Place a picture of the Savior on the front wall.
As the children learn the song, they advance toward the picture. (For larger Primaries, have all the children move markers, such as a button or a bean, from the bottom to the top of a lined piece of paper, rather than physically move to the front of the room.)

Have the children listen as you sing the first phrase; then they sing it with you.

Next they sing it by themselves.

If they do it correctly twice in a row, they all advance one step; if not, repeat the process.
Do this with the remaining phrases until the entire song is learned and the children have reached the front wall (or the tops of their papers).
When they have returned to their chairs, bear testimony that every time they make a right choice in their lives—such as when they choose to do the right and learn the song—they move closer to the Savior.