For 125 years children in Primary have honored Jesus' name

(Friend Aug 2003 suggestion # 3)

With the approval of the bishop or branch president, invite parents and ward or branch members to honor the Primary in celebration of Primary's 125th anniversary.

Ask the visitors to share an experience from Primary, such as:

Have them wait outside the room and enter when the children guess who they are. Give clues such as "This person is the most recent graduate of our Primary," "This person was Primary president for seven years," "This person graduated from Primary in 1950," "This person visits us and gives us a message each month."

Have the visitors share their experiences, and then have the children sing the visitors' favorite Primary songs. Sing a welcome song to them. Have the children share some of their own Primary experiences.

Have the children help decorate a container for a time capsule to be opened in 25 years on the Primary's 150th anniversary. Have the children draw a picture or write something they can do to follow the Savior, then write their full names and ages on the papers and place them in the container. If possible, include a photograph of the children, leaders, and teachers and present the container to the bishop or branch president.

Express your love for Primary and the Primary children, and the gratitude you feel for what you have learned and taught in Primary. Challenge the children to always choose the right.