For 125 years children in Primary have honored Jesus' name

(Friend Aug 2003 suggestion # 3)

Class presentation:

Assign class members to interview ward or branch members who have served missions or lived in countries around the world.

Have the class learn what Primary is like in different parts of the world. They could discover:

Have the class report their findings in sharing time. Then have them sing "Holding Hands Around the World" (Friend, July 2002, 4445) and teach it to the rest of the children.

Give each child a plain paper doll with hands outstretched. Have the children color them to represent children all over the world. Have them write on the backs of their dolls something they can do to follow the Savior or some way they can help the Church grow where they live.

Display the dolls on a wall for the rest of the ward or branch to see.