I can learn more about Jesus and His commandments as I read the scriptures
(Friend Jun 1999, songs added by C. Hillgaard)

Sing "Keep the Commandments" (CS, pp. 146-147).

Talk about the importance of knowing what the commandments are so that we can keep them. Have a scripture "scavenger hunt" to "collect" some commandments.

Post the following scripture references (but not the words in parentheses) against the chalkboard:

Also prepare these objects:

Ask a child to choose a scripture reference. Have all the children look up the scripture. Ask which commandment it is talking about, what we should be doing about it, how often we should do it, etc. Have the child choose the object matching the scripture and place it next to the reference. Then sing the song correlating with the scripture.

Repeat the activity until all the commandments are "collected." Remove the objects, rearrange the references, and see if anyone can replace the objects correctly.

Ask: "Is it always easy to keep the commandments?" Talk about the need to be strong when we are in difficult situations.

Tell, or have a child tell, the story of Nephi going to get the brass plates (see 1 Ne. 3-4), emphasizing that the Lord provides a way to keep His commandments (see 1 Ne. 3:7). Nephi had experience in keeping the commandments long before he went for the plates. As we keep the commandments, our faith in the Lord grows and we strengthen our ability to choose the right.

Sing "Nephi's Courage" (CS, pp. 120-121).