I take the name of Jesus Christ upon me when I am baptized.

(Friend Aug 2003 suggestion # 4)

Display GAK 208 ("John the Baptist Baptizing Jesus") and have the children help retell the events of the Savior's baptism.

Sing "Baptism" (pp. 100101).

On wordstrips, write categories about things related to baptism, such as:

Divide the children into groups.
Display one of the category papers and have a child in the first group give one example that fits the category.

For example, for THINGS FOUND AT A BAPTISM, items might be:

Have each group suggest one thing for the category.
If a group is unable to give an answer, it drops out of the game until the next category.

Have the remaining groups continue until there is one group left. Repeat the process with the remaining categories.

Sing "When I Am Baptized" (p. 103).

Bear testimony of the blessings received at baptism, and express gratitude for your membership in the Church.