I lived in Heaven (CS 4)
(by Nicole, AZ)

I made a giant cootie catcher out of poster board. You all remember the cootie catchers from grade school? 

If not go to Cootie Catcher and learn how to do so.

This time, I decided to use the cootie catcher as a review tool for verse 2 & 3 in "I Lived in Heaven" My primary kids seem to be getting the first part of the phrases and then mumbling the rest.

So - instead of putting a song under each flap - I put the first part of each phrase in the 2 & 3 verses (there ended up being 8 phrases which was the number of flaps I had). For example - under one flap it would say, "Father said He needed someone....." or "Conquering evil and death through....." or "There was another who sought...." 

As each child came up and picked a numbered flap - I would have them try to finish the phrase (they could ask for help). Then we would
sing the phrase. We made it through both verses - and I felt like the kids really knew the words by the end.