I can know when the Holy Ghost is helping me choose the right
(Friend Sep 2003, suggestion # 1)

To help the children understand how the Holy Ghost can help them, write and post the following wordstrips:

Have the children locate and read aloud these scriptures:

Ask them to match the scripture with the wordstrip describing how the Holy Ghost can help them.
Write the scripture on the wordstrip.
Have one child leave the room and another child hide the wordstrip.

Sing a song about choosing the right, and have the first child return and locate the wordstrip by the others singing more loudly as he or she gets closer to, and more softly as he or she gets farther from, the wordstrip.

Repeat the process with the other wordstrips and references.

Read 1 Corinthians 3:1617.

Challenge the children to choose the right and keep their bodies clean so they will be worthy to have the influence of the Holy Ghost.

Share an experience of how the Holy Ghost has helped you, and invite the children to share personal experiences of being guided by Him.