I can know when the Holy Ghost is helping me choose the right
(Friend Sep 2003, suggestion # 3)

Sing "The Holy Ghost" (p. 105) to review principles about the Holy Ghost.

Discuss John 14:26.

To remind us of the security and peace the Holy Ghost can bring us, have the children create a paper-quilt reminder for the Primary room.
Give each child a square piece of paper marked into four squares and provide crayons.
Suggest that they use a different color to decorate each square.

Have them write their names in the upper right square and then decorate it.
In the lower right square, have them draw pictures of something they can do to choose the right (pay tithing, read scriptures, obey the Word of Wisdom, and so on).

In the lower left square, have them write "CTR" or "Choose the Right" and decorate the square with shields or geometric shapes.

Before the children decorate the upper left square, have them read scriptures to review ways the influence of the Holy Ghost can be felt

Then, in that final square, have the children show how they will try to be more aware of the influence of the Holy Ghost by drawing a picture of their head, a heart, or an ear.

Now have the children wad their papers into balls (to give the paper a fabric texture), then unwad and smooth them out. Gather the papers and tape them together to form a Primary patchwork paper quilt.
Post it in the Primary room.

Bear testimony that the Holy Ghost can help everyone who is worthy.
As children listen to and obey His promptings, they can continue to receive His guidance.

Sing "The Still Small Voice" (pp. 1067).