Preparing for the temple is like preparing to plant flowers
(by Geneen)

We are actually planting flowers in front of the church sign as a service project and this is the symbolisms I came up with. This could be appropriate for a sharing
time as well, without the actual planting activity.
We are also doing other things as well but this is the main thing.


Preparing for the temple is like preparing to plant flowers

  1. First you must start by digging up the soil so the ground is not so hard for the seeds to grow. This is like our feelings we have when we pray; our hearts must be softened so that our testimonies may grow.
  2. When you add the fertilizer it helps to keep the plants strong and growing producing many beautiful flowers. Just as with our testimonies we must constantly read the scriptures to help build our testimonies so that they will be beautiful.
  3. Flowers need water to survive without it, that would mean certain death. We need to be baptized so that we can continue in the Lords work. Without baptism we are unable to full fill the Lords covenants.
  4. Flowers need sunshine to bloom and grow, without the sun it would be hard for a blossom to bloom to it's potential. When we pray we can feel the warmth of our Savior.
  5. Plants need air to breathe. We must also breathe the word of God, by reading scriptures and living a good example for the world to see.
  6. By giving the flower all these things you help it to grow. But what happens if you do just these things? Weeds can grow and need to be pulled out. Weeds are often like sin. They keep growing and growing until they choke the flower and it begins to wither. We must also pull the weeds of sin from our lives by eliminating those things that are dragging us into the sin. To get rid of weeds you must pluck them out, to get rid of sin you must repent. We need to try and keep the bad weeds and grass from growing into the flowerbed. How can we do this? We need to have a border. This border is a lot like the iron rod. If we always hold fast to it we can be free of sin
    and keep the bad weeds out.
  7. If we do all these things with the flowers in no time they will be ready to be put into a beautiful bouquet of flowers to be seen by many. If we heed the things the Lord has taught us to do we will be temple ready to be seen by many of those who have gone on before us.

Bear testimony of temple readiness

Colors of the flowers:
Yellow for service from morning til night
Blue for purity in thought and deed
Red is for courage to choose what is right