Song presentation
(Friend Sep 2003, suggestion # 4)

To review songs from the children's sacrament meeting presentation (CSMP) ~ and other favorite songs ~ use a game that gives answers for which the children must respond with a question.
Before sharing time, write category titles across the top of the chalkboard, with four or five answers below each topic (see below).
Cover the answers with pieces of paper with ascending numbers on each.

In addition to the CSMP songs, choose songs that are favorites with your Primary children. The following categories and answers are given only as examples. Do not include the parenthetical information on the chalkboard; it should be given to the pianist.

It's on the Program

100 This song is the theme for this year's program. ("The Church of Jesus Christ," p. 77)

200 This song teaches us the plan of salvation. ("I Lived in Heaven," p. 4)

300 This song helps us remember to CTR. ("Choose the Right Way," pp. 16061)

400 This song reminds us that the Savior appeared on the American continent. ("Easter Hosanna," pp. 6869)

Who Is That, Anyway?

100 This person is a child of God. ("I Am a Child of God," pp. 23)

200 These people can be together forever. ("Families Can Be Together Forever," p. 188)

300 He built his house upon the sand. ("The Wise Man and the Foolish Man," p. 281)

400 I can take this person to church with me, where I will act with dignity. ("The Things I Do," pp. 17071)

The Word Is Follow

100 If we follow this person, we won't go astray. ("Follow the Prophet," pp. 110--11)

200 "Lord, I would follow _____." ("Lord, I Would Follow Thee," (Hymns, no. 220)

300 "Follow, follow me! If I do it _____ or low . . ." ("Do As I'm Doing," p. 276)

400 "I will follow God's _____ for me." ("I Will Follow God's Plan," pp. 16465)

Picture That Song

(Note: The answers for this category are visual aids used during the year to teach specific songs.)

100 Smiling/frowning face ("Smiles," p. 267)

200 Outline of a meetinghouse ("The Church of Jesus Christ," p. 77)

300 Picture of a temple ("I Love to See the Temple," p. 95)

400 Line drawing of a seed growing in the sun ("On a Golden Springtime," p. 88)