I will follow his light and be an example
(Friend Oct 2003, suggestion # 4)

Help the children understand how their example can aid others in trying to do what is right.
Before Primary, ask a child to practice drawing a picture of the 6/8 beat pattern (see CS, 301), then directing it.
During sharing time, give each child a piece of paper and ask them to draw the pattern.
Have the child who has practiced it draw it on the chalkboard, then lead the children in singing "Jesus Once Was a Little Child" (p. 55).
Have the children turn their papers over and draw the pattern again, then compare their second effort with their first one.

Divide the children into groups.
Give one person in each group a paper and pencil to record answers.
Have the children list as many places as possible where they can be an example—e.g.:

Have them make a second list of people they can be examples to—e.g:

Have them make a third list of things they can do to be good examples—e.g:

Help the children understand that they are examples at all times.

Have them take turns using their lists to fill in the blanks of this sentence: "When I am at _____, I can be a good example to _____ by _____."

Invite one group to fill in the first blank from their place list, another group to fill in the second blank from their people list, and a third group to fill in the last blank from their can-do list. Some combinations may be humorous—for example, "When I am at the store, I can be a good example to my teacher by paying my tithing." Discuss how even though some of the sentences were not logical, the fact remains that everyone is an example all the time, whether for good or bad. Discuss how it is easier for many to choose the right when they see the good examples of others.

Have everyone stand at his or her seat (make sure there is ample room) and direct the music while singing "Jesus Once Was a Little Child" (p. 55) and "I'm Trying to Be like Jesus" (pp. 78–79).

Challenge the children to try to choose the right throughout the week.
Suggest that they post the 6/8-beat drawing in their rooms as a reminder of being a good example.