Teachings of the prophet
(Friend Nov 2003, suggestion # 1)

Help the children understand that the Lord's servants have always taught His gospel.

Before sharing time, choose messages from the most recent general conference talks that can be reinforced with scriptures located in the Epistles ~ e.g.,

Copy short excerpts from the conference talks and place them on the backs of the pictures of the General Authorities who gave them.

Write the scripture references (spell them out) on one side of the chalkboard.
Have the children locate the scriptures, read them aloud, and write on the other side of the chalkboard the principles taught.
Have a child read one of the conference-message excerpts aloud and ask the other children which scripture matches that message the best.

Place the picture by the scripture, then sing songs that reinforce the message.

Repeat the process until the matching is completed.

Bear testimony that our prophet and Apostles today teach the word of God and that blessings come when we listen and obey