Teachings of the prophet
(Friend Nov 2003, suggestion # 2)

Help the children understand that a prophet's guidance often comes because he is a seer who can "see" into the future (see Mosiah 8:17).

Invite a guest speaker to share a conference message such as President Gordon B. Hinckley's message "The Church Goes Forward," about the growth of the Church and the "fulfillment of . . . prophecy" (Ensign, May 2002, 4–7).

Sing songs about the Restoration, temples, and missionaries.

Discuss how the children can prepare for the future by following the prophet's counsel today. Review principles of "The Six Bs" (Friend, Feb. 2001, 24–25).

Give the children paper and pencils and have them draw two pictures—one of themselves living one of the Bs today, and a second of themselves continuing to live that principle in the future as a missionary, student, mother, or father.

Bear testimony of the blessings that come from choosing the right today.