Teachings of the prophet
(Friend Nov 2003, suggestion # 4)

Use Ephesians 6:13–17 to help the children understand how listening to and following the counsel of our prophet and other General Authorities can serve as an armor of God to protect them.

Before Primary, draw a picture of a person wearing armor on a large sheet of paper or on the chalkboard.
Label the armor from the scripture description:

(Note: For examples of armor, see Primary 4 manual, 91; GAK 112 [picture of David fighting Goliath].)

On slips of paper, write several copies of counsel given by General Authorities during recent general conferences, such as these from the October 2002 general conference:

Place the strips in a container.

Have the children locate and read Ephesians 6:13–17.
Help them identify the pieces of armor and how each would protect them.
Help them understand that following the words of the prophet and other General Authorities can protect them.

Have the children take turns choosing a slip of paper from the container.
Ask each child to read the counsel from the General Authority and then give an example of how he or she could follow that counsel.
After the child does this, invite him or her to color in a piece of the armor on the picture.

Then sing a Primary song that applies to the principle of the armor piece chosen—e.g.,

Give each child a picture of a doll to draw the armor on and color.
Review what each piece of armor represents and how the children can develop their own "armor" to protect them from worldly influences.
Invite them to take their dolls home and share what they have learned with their families.