Teachings of the prophet
(Friend Nov 2003, suggestion # 5)

To help the children practice following the prophet, play "Who's the Leader?"

Discuss who the leader of the Church is. How can we follow him?

Review some of the principles the prophet gave in his messages during general conference.

Have the children make up actions to help them remember his counsel—e.g., put their hands to their ears (listen to your parents), fold their arms (say your prayers), put their hands to their mouths (say kind things).

Sing songs such as "Quickly I'll Obey" (p. 197), "We Bow Our Heads" (p. 25), "Kindness Begins with Me" (p. 145).

Play the game again and have the leader use the actions from the prophet's message.

Sing "Stand for the Right" (p. 159).

Express gratitude for the prophet and tell how following his counsel has blessed your life.