Fall workshop Salt Lake City 2003
(pictures taken by Cherylyn Woodall)
Pictures for Picture Agenda (for Nursery, JR Primary, Handicapped children)
(it is recommended that Handicapped pictures are left in black and white, while colored in for the other children.  The pictures could be put on a poster for a larger group or on some sort of flip chart for smaller group or one child.)
Lesson Time: 
From the Primary 2 CTR A Book Lesson #39, "I can Follow Jesus Christ. " (Picture at end of lesson of Teacher showing picture and telling story to children- just enlarge this picture)
Singing Time: 
Picture adapted from Friend Magazine, May 1990 of children sitting.
This adapted picture showed children sitting reverently in chairs with musical notes above their heads while a music leader/teacher led them in a song.
Prayer Time:
From the Primary 2 CTR A Book Lesson #38, "I will remember Jesus Christ when I partake of the Sacrament." (picture at end of lesson of children sitting in chairs reverently.  This picture was changed to have heads bowed slightly and eyes closed, a couple of children were left out of adaptation and a boy who stood and prayed was added in.)