Music workshop
(Melissa Sonntag)

Most of the songs taught in the Music Workshop were songs for next year.

I really liked how they did "Home Can Be a Heaven On Earth". I believe I already mentioned it in a message I sent about the workshop, but what they did is...
There were words on pieces of paper on the chairs of the "kids".
were asked to come up, and as we sang the song they put themselves in the order the words came in the song. Those pieces were like a puzzle, when we sang the song the second time, the "kids" had to put the pieces together to make a picture. it was a house with heaven (sky) and earth (grass) around it. I loved the idea and figure it could work with just about any song.
Another thing I heard about that could work for any song ( I think the suggestion was in the Friend)...
Have the children QUIETLY (haha) move their chairs to the sides of the room and line up at the back of the room, then you sing a line of a song, then they repeat the line as they take a step forward. By the time they get to the end of the song they are all the way up to the front of the room.
This can be repeated several times, then have the children put the chairs (QUIETLY) back. The lady who told me about this said she closed her eyes and challenged them to do it with out her hearing them. she said it worked pretty well.