Fall 2003 – Music Workshop Reference Sheet
“Sing Our Songs”
(Notes by Amy, AZ & picture by Cherylyn Woodall)

Sing the Power of Music in Primary ~ Sing Our Songs:

(My Personal Notes Follow Below)

The theme was all SOS, BOATS (Bring Our Attention To Singing), Fishing, etc.

Bring Our Attention To Singing during Prelude, Sharing Time, Scouting, Activity Days.

Testimonies are built through Singing

“My Hand is on My Heart because I feel my testimony in my Heart.”

Children are taught principles of the Gospel thru Music – what are they?

I Pray in Faith:

1st Verse – That God answers Prayers (give an example when YOUR prayer was answered. (testify)
2nd Verse – 4 steps to Prayer – 1- Begin by saying.., 2 – Thank , 3- Ask, 4- In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Hold your fingers up 1-4 as you sing the steps to Prayer

Split into two groups and Both verses can be sung at the same time.

The Word of Wisdom (CS154)

These two songs can be sung together – all four verses at the same time, they are in the same key and have similar time & 6/8.

How to Teach a Song to Children:

When we strengthen a child, we fortify a family.

Life Saving Techniques:

Integrate Music into Sharing Time ~ plan with the presidency how you will do that.

*The Family Proclamation – Sharing time – focus on a Paragraph from the it. ‘all human beings … divine nature & destiny” what songs do we know that tell us these things?

They had some items in a basket, have a child choose one:

They choose an item, talk briefly about it, then have a song that goes with it – such as:

I am a Child of God,
Tell me the Stories of Jesus,
Home can be a Heaven on Earth..

Teach the Gospel thrugh Song

“I can Follow Gods Plan for me”… realizing that if I Follow it, I can be Happy on Earth.

When we teach a new song, we teach the gospel.

Word strips prepared for Hymn 298:

had the children come up and put themselves in order as they sang the key words, security , safety, warmth, kindness, happiness, Joy, Charity, Love… These they had cut as puzzle pieces and when put together and turned over made a Home.

Children Learn by Repeating and Participating


Anchor to Gospel Principles.

There is a picture in the FIG books, of a family standing in front of
the Temple. They had enlarged that picture, it was not available otherwise, but it is a beautiful picture. The leader held up the picture and started
asking questions about it:

Who is there, what can you tell from their faces, they're happy? why?

WE ARE A HAPPY FAMILY song...(on this song, she had the girls stand up when they sang about mother & sister, boys stand up when sing about father & brother...)

They're happy to be at the temple, what is a song we know about the temple? I LOVE TO SEE THE TEMPLE song.

Why do we go to the temple? What happens when we are sealed?

FAMILIES CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER song ~ for this one she asked us to hold up our fingers for as many family members we had and wiggle them each time we sang "families". She said she had 25, so she flashed her fingers to count 25 each time (make sense??)
Could also relate the Blessings of the Temple to Elijah, - Hearts of the

This was neat - if you link songs together with a common thread.

Give a reason to sing, then attach a principle