Home Can Be a Heaven on Earth
(by Sunni)

I am drawing a bit of a blank of what has been suggested for this song and the puzzle, but I wanted to share what our stake leader did at our training.

She mounted the house on poster board and then cut it up into pieces.
On another piece of white paper, she traced the puzzle pieces so the kids would know where each piece will fit.
On the back of each puzzle piece, she placed visuals.
She displayed the puzzle pieces with the visuals showing.

As we learned the song and mastered a "piece of the puzzle" she would call on one of us to turn the piece over and place it where it belonged on the puzzle.
Once the song is mastered, the puzzle of the home is complete.

She gave us the visuals for all three verses! I am SO happy. I will list the visual ideas for the first verse and if anyone wants the rest of the ideas, let me know

Some of the puzzle pieces had more than one visual on it. Make each piece a complete phrase.


Verse One Visuals:

Verse 2 Visuals
Verse 3 Visuals
All these images have been taken from an LDS clip art source. Not sure which one.
I realize these are not from a "church approved source."
I am sure it would be easy to search through church magazines to find these images.