13 Teacher appreciation
Noon-food ideas

(Becky Poland)
  1. Light bulb (We're DELIGHTED to have you in our Primary)
  2. Feather (We're TICKLED to have you serve in Primary)
  3. Measuring Spoon  (As a teacher, you measure up)
  4. Nail  (We hit the nail on the head when we got you for a teacher)
  5. Question Mark  (Have we told you how much we appreciate your service and dedication)
  6. Tack (When it comes to being a teacher--you're as sharp as a tack)
  7. Glue (Thanks for sticking to your calling)
  8. Scissors (As a leader, you're a cut above the rest)
  9. Ball (Thanks for giving our Primary the needed bounce)
  10. Paint Brush (Thanks for painting our Primary with Enthusiasm)
  11. A Nut with wiggle eyes attatched (We're NUTS about you as a teacher)
  12. Marking Pen (Thanks for leaving your MARK on our Primary)
  13. Play Money  (As a teacher, you're worth a million)