14 Teacher appreciation
food ideas

(Becky Poland)
  1. An orange (orange you glad you were called to serve in our Primary!)
  2. An apple (You're the apple of my eye and such a "polished" leader.)
  3. A sucker (Thanks for never getting licked down.  We really appreciate your efforts)
  4. Lucky Charms (We're lucky to have such a charmin' good teacher!)
  5. Jar/box of spice ("You really add SPICE to our Primary!)
  6. Cupcake  (When it comes to being a teacher, you're the icing on the cake!)
  7. Chewing Gum  (Stick with us--let's all serve together")
  8. Cracker Jacks  (You're a Cracker Jack teacher!)
  9. Banana  (We've gone "bananas" over Primary)
  10. Packet of sugar  (Isn't Primary "SWEET")
  11. Krackle Bar (Thanks for putting snap, KRACKLE, & pop into our Primary)
  12. Pack of Nuts (We're nuts about you as a teacher)
  13. Pear (It 'pears to me, that you are a great Primary teacher)
  14. Olives ("Olive" the nice things you do for our Primary are very appreciated!)