Holiday & General Conference Ideas

(compiled by Jennifer)


New Year




St. Patricks


Samuel Tells of Baby Jesus, pg. 36 (Samuel, GAK 314)
He Sent His Son, pg. 34 (Nativity, GAK 213)
Tell Me the Stories of Jesus, pg. 57 (Jesus Ministry, GAK 213)
Did Jesus Really Live Again, pg. 64 (Crucifixion, GAK 230)
Jesus Has Risen, pg. 70 (Resurrection, GAK 239)
Easter Hosanna, pg. 68 (Christ in Americas, GAK 316)
Bear testimony that Jesus will come again—
When He Comes Again, pg. 82 (Christ and the Children, GAK 608)


General Conference

Girdle of Truth—Stand For the Right, pg. 159
Breastplate of Righteousness—Choose the Right Way, pg. 160
Shoes, preparation of the gospel peace—A Young Man Prepared, pg. 166
Shield of Faith—Faith, pg. 96
Helmet of Salvation—He Sent His Son, pg. 34
Sword of the Spirit—The Holy Ghost, pg. 105


Mother’s Day

My Heavenly Father Loves Me
On a Golden Springtime
The Church of Jesus Christ
Help Me Dear Father to Freely Forgive
Early to Bed and Early to Rise
Reverence is Love


Father’s Day


4th of July

Pioneer Day







  1. “Turkey Bowl”—make turkeys out of the bowling pins (pin is the body—attach paper eyes, waddle, beaks, and attach paper “feathers”) If pins are different colors, have them represent different things: i.e. yellow—turkeys w/songs, red—read something, blue/green—child says something they are thankful for. Or make the turkeys look like a Bishop (tie around neck), mom (necklace), dad (bow tie), missionaries (name tags), “normal” turkey to represent church—sing accompanying song
  2. Make large turkey with feathers—pick feathers, song on back
  3. Bag of Thanks—fill large bag with things that represent what we are thankful for: family picture—family, picture book of prophets—prophets, SLC temple plaque—temples, American Flag—country/heritage, dumbbell—healthy body, scriptures—restored gospel, apple—food, heart—friends/neighbors, FHE plaque—home. Sing accompanying songs
  4. Turkey shoot --I bought the little “accordion fold” turkeys. I took a dart gun and let the kids shoot a turkey. Whether they hit the turkey or not. They got to choose a turkey which had a number written on them. The numbers corresponded with a song. The kids sing the song and tell me what blessing the song reminds them of.


  1. Assemble a snowman, song names on parts.
  2. Snowball fight (paper toss) I give each child a piece of paper. Make sure you stress the fact that we’re in the Church and sometimes we “toss” snowballs! (be careful or this activity can get TOO ROWDY). The kids,(with teachers help sometimes) write their names & their favorite Primary Song. I invite a class at a time to wad & toss the “snowballs” toward me. Then, I pick up a snowball and we sing that song. This activity serves a dual purpose; I keep the snowballs and make a list of the children and their favorite song. Then I have my Top 10 favorites list!
  3. Bowling for Snowmen--Use Snowman clip art, print out several. Tape them to water bottles. Cover a basketball with batting and wrap white string around it to hold the batting in place. The kids try to knock over a snowman with a snowball! The Snowman will have the #’s on them for the songs.


  1. Assemble a nativity scene with song names on the characters and animals.
  2. Make a Christmas tree (small real one or out of paper) and have the kids decorate it with ornaments (songs on ornaments). The following week, put “presents” under the tree they decorated and have them open them to find a song or questions to a song they are working on.