I can have a testimony of Jesus Christ.
(Friend December 2003, suggestion # 3)

Help the children understand how they can develop stronger testimonies.

Before sharing time, make a puzzle.

Sing "I Want to Be a Missionary Now" (p. 168).
The song suggests that the children have testimonies of their own.

Discuss how a testimony is a feeling given by the Holy Ghost that gospel principles are true.
This testimony does not stay the same. It gets weaker if we do not nourish it.
It grows as we do things that help us gain a better understanding of gospel principles.

Have children take turns finding puzzle pieces.
Post the first one, and discuss the principle or way in which children can help their testimonies grow.

Sing songs that reinforce the principles, such as

For puzzle pieces about strengthening a testimony, sing songs from the songs listed in the CS index under "Testimony."

After all the pieces have been found, have some children turn the pieces over and put the TESTIMONY side together.

Bear your testimony of gospel principles that have special meaning in your life.