I can pray to Heavenly Father anytime, anywhere. I am trying to remember and follow Jesus
(Friend Jan 2004, suggestion # 3)

On two separate pieces of paper, write know and do.
Show the words to the children.
Tell them to watch closely and sing the word when you hold it up.

Sing the chorus of "I Am a Child of God" (pp. 23).
The first time, hold up the word know in place of do.

Ask the children to sing it again using the word do at the appropriate time.
Ask how changing the word know for do changes the meaning of the song.

President Spencer W. Kimball asked Sister Naomi Randall, the author of the song, if they could change the word know to do.
He felt that while it is important to know what is right, it is more important to do what is right.
Only in this way can we be sure of returning someday to our heavenly home to live always with our Heavenly Father (see Friend, Mar. 1978, 7).

Around the room place pictures and/or wordstrips of things we know

for example:

Pair two children, and as the Primary sings a song, have them look for a picture that matches the song.
Ask them to tell of something we can do because of the knowledge we have. For example,

(a) Sing: "Search, Ponder and Pray" (p. 109);
Find: a picture of scriptures;
Tell: We know the scriptures are true;
Do: We should read and study the scriptures daily;

(b) Sing: "I Need My Heavenly Father" (p. 18)
Find: a picture of prayer;
Tell: We know we need our Heavenly Father;
Do: We should pray to Him every morning and night.