I can pray to Heavenly Father anytime, anywhere.
(Friend Jan 2004, suggestion # 4)

Share with the children Bishop H. Burke Peterson's testimony of prayer: "I want you to know that I know that whenever one of Heavenly Father's children kneels and talks to him, he listens. I know this as well as I know anything in this world—that Heavenly Father listens to every prayer from his children. . . . No matter what we may have done wrong, he listens to us. I also believe he answers us" ( Ensign, June 1981, 73). It is through prayer that Heavenly Father helps His children make correct choices.

Divide the children into four groups.
Give each group a scripture reference.
Have each group read and discuss the reference to find out:

Choose children to retell the story or act it out for the Primary to watch and listen for the problem and answer.

Have the younger children draw pictures to illustrate the story.


Share a personal experience and your testimony of how your prayers have been answered. Invite the children to say their personal prayers each day this week.