A childs prayer
(by Amy)

I started by telling the story Pres. Hinckley shared in his talk at the primary broadcast.

The story of Brother Artel Ricks (I think that was his name).
The story of the boy who wants to pay his tithing - so he put his money on the bathtub and offers a humble and fervent prayer for the Lord to accept his offering. Of course the money was still there. Brother Ricks was crushed he wondered why the Lord didn't want his tithing. So anyways a few days later at primary his teacher said.. boys and girls I don't know why but I feel like I should talk about something else besides my lessson and she taught them about the proper way to pay tithing.

Well Brother RIcks never forgot the feeling he had when he knew the Lord knew him - when he knew the Lord had heard and answered his prayers through his primary teacher.

So I told the kids that story and I told them that sometimes you might wonder if your prayers are heard and answered but I promise you they are. I want to teach you a song that talks about this.

Then I basically sang a line to them and had them sing it back to me. I had a few pictures - like I had Joseph in the sacred grove with Heavenly Father and Jesus - because I said Joseph had questions that he needed answers to too. I had a picture of Jesus with the little children - to represent the end of the first verse.
When it came to the second verse in my opinion the second verse is kind of like the voice of the Holy Ghost reassuring us that our prayers are heard and answered.
When I taught this to the senior primary I wrote out the words on the chalkboard and we erased it as we learned it.