Service heart

(by Angela)

We are going to send a sign up around R.S. advertising it as:

"Families grow stronger through service"

We are going to request that each primary family must have  at least one parent in attendance for this activity.  They will need to sign up to committ to come to this activity at this time.

As the parent and their children arrive they will decorate 4 plates of heart cookies and four valentine cards (this number may change based upon sign ups).

We will give them a suggested list of people that might enjoy being visited this Saturday and served, or they can choose their own friends and family...
However,  With these cookies and card they must deliver them and do one act of service for that family or person.  It can be sing a hymn, wash a window, vacumn a floor, take out the trash, just visit with an elderly person,  etc....
They have 45 minutes to do this in.  Families are more than welcome to team up if lets say there are only one mom and one son, or a mom like myself that has a sunbeam and a CTR 7.
After they leave the home they need to leave a heart on the front door so that this person will not get more than one visit that day, and it's a sign for other families to look for that this person/family has been served.

We will meet back at the church and have a very short story on Service, and strengthening the family.  We will give a short presentation on our primary theme.  We will give each family a heart made out of craft foam that says "Service Heart" with these instructions.

You are to hold a family home evening, and can outline it in the fashion that we did today, or use the FHE evening outline that you will leave here with today.  Tell a story about family serving one another.  YOu can use the one in you FHE packet or use one of your own.  Put the service heart on the kitchen table one person will secretly grab this heart do an act of service and leave the heart for that family member that they served to find, then they secretly do an act of service so on and so forth. 

As families are coming back after they have served we will play Valentine Bingo, Pin the Heart on Cupid, etc...we are still working on these game ideas. Until everyone arrives and then we'll start the lesson portion. 

We will end with heart cookies and prayer.