The Family, A Proclomation to the World
(shared by Debstrand)

I got this at a recent Stake Training Meeting and we will probably do it as our first activity for next year.

The Stake also gave us enough of the large copies of the Proclamation for every child in our Primary so we will tie them with a ribbon and give all the children one at the activity.
Another idea is to have the kids glue a narrow piece of wood on the top and bottom of the Proclamation with some wooden hearts and stars then add some ribbon to hang.

Supplies:  enough 8x10 copies of the proclamation (free from distribution) and cut them into 6 puzzle pieces. Cut them all the same way!

There are 6 stations that the children rotate through where they will recieve a puzzle piece at each station.
Each station will have a "special guest" to talk about, tell a story, or sing a song, or combination. The stations are:

  1. Paragraphs 1 and 2: Adam and Eve talk about marriage, family, and premortal existence.
    Sing "I Lived in Heaven"
  2. Paragraph 3: Joseph Smith talks about the Plan of Salvation and families being sealed in the temple.
    Sing "Families Can Be Together Forever".
  3. Paragraph 4, 5, 6: Abraham and Sarah talk about children being a blessing to their parents and how they rejoiced that Isaac was born.
  4. Paragraph 6 (last part): Nephi being born of goodly parents, talks about husbands, wives, children being true to each other. 
    Sing "Nephi's Courage"
  5. Paragraph 7: Alma talks about the 9 ideals on which successful families are established that are listed in Paragraph 7.
  6. Paragraphs 8 and 9: King Benjamin talks about how prophets raise a voice of warning to the people.  Our world needs families to stay together in love.  This could also be President Hinckley. 
    Sing "Keep the Commandments".