I have a family here on earth
(Friend Feb 2004, suggestion # 4)

Tell the children about King Benjamin's instructions to families (see Mosiah 4:1415).

Read the last half of verse 15 aloud together.
It is important to show your love through your actions.
Tell the children that there are many opportunities to serve family members every day.

Have the children play Family Service Charades.
Using two containers, put the names of the children in one and ideas for service in the other.
Have the child whose name you draw select a service and act it out for the other children to guess.
If the child needs a partner to help, he or she can choose another name from the container.

Possible service ideas are writing to a missionary, making a sibling's bed, inviting a friend to family home evening, consoling a sad child, saying a prayer for someone, reading to a younger child.