The priesthood blesses, serves, and strengthens my family
(Friend Feb 2004, suggestion  # 3)

Heavenly Father gave the power and authority of the priesthood to His children on earth so He can guide and bless us here.

Display on a tray some pictures and items that remind us of some of the blessings of the priesthood for example:

Give the children an opportunity to choose an item or picture from the tray and tell what it represents.
Replace the items and pictures on the tray, and show them to the children.
Keeping the tray covered, remove an item or picture.
Uncover the tray, and let the children view what remains.
Have the children guess what is missing and say what it represents.
Give the children an opportunity to do this a few times.

Sing a song that goes along with each priesthood blessing  for example,

Conclude by having a ward member express how the priesthood blesses his or her family.