The priesthood blesses, serves and streghtens my family
(by Debby Moon)

I will write the words out on sentence strips and post them one a time while we discuss the many ways that the priesthood blesses our lives.
Then we will sing the song.
I am going to talk to the teacher doing class presentation that day and see if they want to use it as sharing time also.
They could add a scripture or a story for each letter.

P Power of God on Earth
   (Priesthood is Restored 89)
R Righteous men only
   (Choose the Right Way 160)
I I can be blessed
   (For Thy Bounteous Blessings 21B)
E Eight years old—baptized, confirmed
   (I Like My Birthdays 104)
S Service is the key
   (When We're Helping 198B)
T Twelve years old
   (A Young Man Prepared 166) (CD)
H Homes dedicated
   (Love is Spoken Here 190)
O Oil consecrated to heal the sick
   ("Give," Said the Little Stream 236)
O Others are blessed
   (I Will Be Valiant 162)
D Dad's blessing
   (My Dad 211)