Priesthood preview
(by Connie)

Below is what I put together and gave to all the Bishops and Primary Presidents in my stake.

Guidelines for Priesthood and Primary Leaders

Please note the changes to the Priesthood Preview.
Before the church used to provide a specific outline as to how this meeting took place, (usually in November, song, speakers, etc.).
There is no longer a set outline or agenda that needs to take place in this meeting.
We are discouraged from using the old outline provided by the church.
It is encouraged that Bishops consider the personal needs of the boys and plan a Priesthood Preview meeting according to those needs.

Priesthood Preview is a meeting designed to strengthen each Valiant 11 boy's commitment to prepare himself to receive the Priesthood.

Handbook instructions for this meeting:
Refer to the Faith in God Booklet, page 18
"Each year, the bishopric meets with all 11-year-old boys and their parents to help them understand the importance of the priesthood and strengthen their commitment to prepare to receive it. Members of the Primary presidency also attend the meeting."

Meeting Time:
Should take place before any boy in the Valiant 12 class turns twelve. When there is a January Birthday, it may become necessary to hold this at the end of the year while the Child is in the Valiant 11 class.
(Note: A Child that is 11 years-old on January 1st is in the Valiant 12 Class turning 12 years-old in that same year).

Who should attend this meeting:
The Bishop is to conduct this meeting.  All 11 year-old boys, their parents and the members of the Primary Presidency are invited.
Consider inviting Deacon Quorum Advisor and/or Counselor in Young Men's Presidency for a brief introduction.

Suggestions for the Meeting:
The guidelines for this meeting should be outlined and directed by the Bishop of each ward.
If one or more wards choose to combine, that is optional.

In this meeting give an introduction to the Duty to God program possibly give them the book. Discuss what the Stake's goals are for the boys to get their Eagle in Boy Scouts.

Faith in God Booklets, page 12 gives specific instructions for boys to complete while they are 11 years old. It is to prepare them to receive the Aaronic Priesthood and become righteous young men. Consider using the Priesthood Preview to review this material and ensure that each boy is prepared and ready to receive the Priesthood.