CSMP help

(by Betty Mitchel)
  1. This is the CHILDREN'S sacrament meeting presentation so be sure that the program is about THEM.  Let them do special musical numbers using the songs from the CSMP.  They can sing a solo part or verse, have groups of children sing,  have one or more play an approved instrument for sacrament meeting, or play the accompaniment music.  Also appropriate would be to have the teachers or primary presidency do one of the songs.
    Please do not have people outside of primary put on a performance.  The most enjoyable CSMP's are  those that the children have shared their responses to, and their testimonies of, what they have learned.
  2. Music leaders should not stand on the pews to lead the music.  This makes it hard for those behind them to see the children and it seems to detract from the Spirit.  If possible sit  where they can see you.
  3. Do not have anyone waving signs in the back. Keep all props to help the children sing, behind the stand.
  4. It is very helpful to have a master seating chart for each teacher.  Place names on the seats so the children know where to sit.
  5.  When you open the top of the piano, you can't see the children behind it.
  6. Try to provide variety in your program through it's presentation and in the music.  Please read the manual to know what is approved. (see the section in the back)
  7.  Please speak to your Bishop early in the year to get your program approved and on the calendar. 
  8. Have adults prompting children sit near the podium so that there is less movement and less distraction.
  9. Use the mobile microphones and have a couple of the teachers on the stand take care of them.  This will cut down on time spent filing up to the podium.
  10. Depending on how your chapel is built, you might consider putting the smallest children in the upper choir seats and the larger children up front.  This lets them be seen. 
  11. As always Sisters, pray and let the Lord inspire you.  I promise if you pray over your program, ideas will come to you and you will be able to overcome whatever obstacle you are concerned about.
Other ideas are  :
Construction of a short long wood box to stand on.  Some of the stands are so tall that we barely see the heads of the 3yr olds.
Small children could stand in front of the stand and the music leader could set on the front pew right in front of them to help them sing.
Gather them together to the side of the stand opposite of the sacrament table.  They could sit in that area and just stand up for their turn in the program.