The Circle of Our Influence

(by Betty Mitchell)
Our secretary will have everyone choose their favorite miniature candy bar.
She made up some characteristics for each. 

Then she will talk about how special and unique each Sister is. 
How we are each Daughter's of God and how for good or bad we affect everyone around us.

One of the ward's will provide the prayers, another one will provide the pianist, chorister, and they can have someone sing or play "Teacher Do You Love Me".  I totally delegate this one and let the wards come up with how they want to present it.

Then play "He Sent His Son for the closing song.

We will play the video "Teacher Do You Love Me".  (Its a great lesson for dealing with children who have difficult behavior problems!)

We will have a couple of the units share what they are doing for their children this year ( one makes a special CD cover with the CSMP songs for the children in their ward.  They do this with the master CD that we give them.  Another is making special sharing time handouts.)

I conduct, then conclude with my testimony and testify of the principles taught.

We will break into counterparts, have a leadership mini lesson, and field questions.

Not sure what we will do for handouts yet.  I like to have them take home something nice they will be able to use and doesn't cost a lot.  We tend to use lots of those enrichment craft skills to stretch our budget as far as we can make it go!