The Word of Wisdom
The spirit of the law
(by Tracy)

Whenever I teach the word of wisdom I make sure to include not only the "don't" items but also the "do" items.
I feel they are so often overlooked when the topic is discussed.

One other thing I always mention is that the Word of Wisdom is given for our benefit.
Anything we take into our bodies that can be addictive is to be avoided (even if it is not specifically mentioned in the Word of Wisdom).

But, different people are addicted to different things. I

t is important to not give any substance power over our free agency. This is where the spirit of the law really comes into play. If you are addicted to sodas, then you need to avoid them. If you are addicted to candy, then you should avoid it, etc.

Then I close by making sure the children know the spirit will prompt them throughout their lives to make good choices.