All thy children shall by taught of the Lord
Spring workshop 2004
(notes by Judy Weber)

My notes are a little rough but I wanted to get them out and just don't have time to clean up


To help Primary Leaders, teachers, and parents work together to love children and teach and expect appropriate behavior.

Engage the children as soon as they walk through the door with music. 
While there is some set up going on the children can be focused on singing

Oh come with me to Primary
Oh come with me to Primary
Where ever in the wide world you may be
Oh come with me to Primary

Sing in a round 2nd group sing Oh learn with me in Primary


Watch as I use some actions and see if you can recognize the song. 
Raise your hands if you think you know it

      Hands with pinkies touching then opened out
      Shh finger to lips
      fold arms
      Shh finger to lips
      fold arms
      arms reach to gather
      right hand raised palm up to heaven
      then bring hand and lead music
      fold arms
      hands together as opening
      shh finger to lips
      fold arms

Some of you guessed  the song it was Chapel Doors
Let's sing it together


Hold up pic of Jesus with children
I feel my saviors love

Scripture Matthew 18:2-5
And Jesus called a little child unto him

Children come from all different circumstances and abilities but all are capable of learning the significant things of the gospel.
Powerpoint pictures of following:
They may have 2 parents
one parent
grandparents or other guardians
visible or not so visible handicaps
homes where the gospel is taught
and homes where it is not

All children need to be loved and taught.

We help teach children by how we act and treat each other every day and especially in Primary

1 Preparation is primary

We must work together in unity by being consistent and by setting certain standards decide simple things like how are you going to disseminate RS bulletins (instead of making announcements or passing around which is distracting and takes up precious time-put with rolls) potty breaks, etc. so we can minimize distractions we need teacher to be sitting with classes and modeling attentive behavior , teaching there is a time to be reverent and to assist children in understanding what is being taught it is helpful if room is ready.....this can be a challenge with wards meeting so close in buildings   ask ward that meets ahead to set up your chairs.  minimize your need for elaborate visual aids teachers select 1 misbehaving child and practise 5 ways of showing that child you love them   once this childs behavior  is in line you can choose another child don't merely try to correct behavior help children learn true principles and govern themselves Oh lets be kind in primary. When Bishop called me he placed his hands on my head and gave me a blessing.  He blessed me that I would be able to help you learn the truths of the gospel and that we would be able to work together What can we do to work together

2. Teach and expect appropriate behavior

Role play with Aurelia Spencer Rogers

We welcome you today to primary.
Listen as we sing this next verse and can I get the valiant 9 class to come up and put this verse in order as we sing it through

1st primary followed council from bishop. They taught the children not to quarrel with one another. Don't go into melon patches that aren't your own don't hang? on the back of wagons. How do you teach the children to be politen. Ever allow the children to call adults by their first name. Respond as children would: what could you do to help do your part?

establish guidelines or rules
Let's agree on 3 rules

  1. I will show respect for Heavenly Father's house

  2. I will treat others as I would like to be treated

  3. I will not interrupt the learning of others or myself

A few clear rules will help the children to govern themselves.
Post the rules so all can see
Ways to handle problems
Ignore small stuff

Scolding and criticism don't help for long

Role play using crabby puppet (a) and leader (b) (I can't remember exactly but this is a pretty close rendition)
a.  I'm getting really tired of your wiggling around. sit still and pay attention
b. I know its hard to sit still.  Would it help to come and sit by me?
a. I can't believe you just said that.  What is the matter with you?
b. When you feel like saying unkind things try and think of Jesus ..What would he do?
a. turn around right now
b. Its hard for me to teach when I can't see your eyes
a. you're acting like a bunch of babies that can't sit still I ought to send you all back to the nursery!
b. I think everyone is tired of sitting still. Lets all stand and sing an action song

video clip: beginning of class child throws paper airplane. 
Teacher sighs and pauses for a moment then begins, " I love being your teacher. listen to the words of this music (tape player) while you look up and read 2 Nephi 32:?  to see what we will be talking about today.

What did teacher do about disturbance?
Ignored ...said a prayer....said something positive redirected their attention

What works for you?

Occasional disruptions
2 girls talking non stop

role play Teacher and child
a Kayla I needed to take you out because you hit Timothy
b. He called me a bad name
a. well that was unkind but I can't allow hitting in primary. 

Sister Soandso is talking to Timothy
a good he makes me mad
b. what could you have done.
a ignore him i guess
b. yes that would have been a good idea but I know how hard that would be  What else could you have done?
a maybe I could ask to move
b. thats another great idea we'll have the teacher separate you and Timothy for the rest of primary today and if it happens again and you can't ignore him, you can talk to your teacher and ask if you can move!  I'm really proud of you, Kayla,  you came up with 2 good solutions. 

Consider the reason for bad behavior and help children learn how to govern themselves team teaching can be really successful in classes that have children who consistently disrupt the lesson.  Get to know the children and get their input on solutions.  With team teaching one teacher is available to take a child outside for a little while and talk with them...maybe work out a sign for child to give if needs to go out for awhile.  Teacher takes outside and doesn't make this a treat just lets child move around a bit then  encourages to go back in class

Ideas from others:

April 94 conference:
Primary President brought boy to Ballard as bishop and said "you are the shepherd of the ward here's one your flock so tend him"

Told child we are going to work this out i want you to come and see me after primary every week and tell me how primary went and how you did they became good friends and knowing he would be meeting with him helped him control himself plan with leaders and parents if plan needs to be reworked it be flexible fit the plan to the child you might have to ask for a helper to come in and set with child for awhile  by helping child be successful  we teach valuable principle change takes time  We all have struggles and needs some are more obvious than others  We came to this earth to learn  We must always be compassionate and look at our challenges as ways to learn to be more like Jesus


I'll walk with you

Micahs understanding heart Friend Oct 01
Some children walking behind handicapped boy mimicking the way he walked.  Micah told them to stop and related how he had been in an accident and kids made fun of him.  Even when they thought he didn't see them, he knew and it made him feel very bad.

How wonderful to follow HF example to show love and understanding to all children

As adults we must love and teach. Be accepting and love. Children are capable of being kind. Of participating and serve others
(personal example)
I remember visiting Bro Blair's class about 6 children (10year olds), 1 of them a young boy with some kind of learning handicap. 
As teacher was taking about lesson he help up a picture and was asking questions.  The boy became disruptive and the teacher walked over to him, got down on one knee, put one hand on the boys shoulder and held up the picture close to the boy.  He asked simple questions. first the boy made nonsense statements but he ignored them and continue to ask leading questions until he made a reasonable response.  I must admit I had a hard time not tearing up a bit as I saw the other 5 children so intently watching this teacher's Christ like behavior.  It didn't matter what the lesson was about that day, because they received a far greater lesson on compassion.

Joseph Smith quote
"all the minds and spirits... teachings of the prophet JS 354

Support family
When we are sensitive to challenges or needs

Scripture 3 nephi 18:24-25
Teacher do you love me 2nd or third verse?
Teacher will you teach me?

In closing Primary Board members put arm around other teacher and
testified of power of unity in gospel goals