Living the Gospel every day
Spring workshop 2004

(notes by Judy Weber)
Living the gospel every day 2004

Preopener handed out shopping bags with garbage bags and scissors and markers with instructions to make part of armor and label.

The rest of group sang:
Do as Im doing
look for exits near (point)
Do as im doing
we don't want to hear (hold up phone)
even if-it rings high or low
ring ring     ring ring
even if-it rings fast or slow
ring ring ring   r i ng  r i n g  r ing
Do as im doing we welcome you today
Do as im doing now its time to pray

Primary leaders and teachers assist parents in teaching children how to live the gospel with joy
James 1:22
Doers not hearers only
Faith in God helps children be doers by

  1. Encouraging gospel habits in the lives of the children
  2. Developing activities from FIG
  3. Prepares the children for the aaronic priesthood and yw

Who is responsible to make sure FIG is happening???
Primary President (3 of 4 classes stressed this!!)
She orients children as they turn 8 and their parents with help of dl or activity leader
She oversees dl and al to ensure that they are successfully teaching gospel principles, she or counselor attend weekday mtgs occasionally and pack mtg and committee meetings

Child should be encouraged to track their own progress use music in weekday activities to encourage gospel habits

Bring up the armor (This was hard to remember what part went with what..I did the best I could)

a testimony
b keep commandments: Belt/Sandals
c pray daily: Shield
d honor parents: Breastplate of righteousness
e attend mtgs: helmet
f read scriptures:Sword of truth
g pay tithing: skirt

model to wear armor
If song matches put it on model

  1. A happy family/breastplate
  2. I want to give the lord my 10th/skirt
  3. Scripture power/sword
  4. Churchof jesus christ/helmet
  5. When i go to church/shield
  6. For health and strength/belt
  7. Keep the commandments/sandals

Alma 53:17-22
Ephesians 6:11

The fun thing about activity days are they aloow for fun behavior that would not be acceptble on Sunday!
Like mini battle with marshmellows or oaoerwads (leaders began throwing marshmellows at each other)
Again they stressed that these behaviors would be ok at a weekday or quarterly activity, but not acceptable during sharing time.

What have you done to help children remember the basics?

Prayer rock/rug
Bishop gave 10 m&m's then asked for 1 back and put it in a jar.
Bishop showed the children how m&m's were adding up each week as people paid tithing.

Leaders might plan ahead waht they are going to say.

The more you work on a talent the better you get.
Prayers are like that too. The more often we do it, the better and easier it becomes. I know he has answered my prayers ans he will answer yours.

  1. What do we want to happen...plan with a purpose
  2. Consider needs and interests prayerfully
  3. Plan and implement interesting activities
  4. Evaluate (don't forget this one-it is a valuable tool to help us improve)

FHE  activity cut things out of magazine then decided if it went in garbage or into poster boys mouth

Who are your resources
Hubby wife children magazines scriptures, cub committee list all ideas let juices flow then review list prayerfully and select

Match game

  1. faith in god books and scenarios
  2. one of the parents is a librarian #10 seek learning
  3. 11 yo scout handbook scouts working on fitness test  #11

You mean i can do one activity in scouts and it will also count towards FIG
high fives
New on web site soon-correlation dovetail between scouts and fig PP oversees program, recommends names, sees that each new leader is trained, PP and leader goes over guide book with new child and parents

Dl/al plan gospel centered activities.
They really encourage dl to blend the two programs instead of doing separate a minimum you must provide opportunity for 2 activities in each of 3 areas per year some wards have opted to make 1 week a month FIG or 1 every other month.  This is not as desirable as blending together but it still works

Example of dl activity making something
Joseph was a carpenter
Do you think he taught Jesus how to build things?
What kind of things do you think he would have made?
Stools, cradles  maybe even birdfeeders.
HF loves each of us and he loves all creatures also

I can think of a song that talks about another kind of building. I'll sing one line and then see if you can sing the next

We have been saved for these latter days......
(to build the kingdom in righteous ways)

How can we build the kingdom?
Allow children to respond as they are working on their project

Easier when working with a group to have helpers
Assign parents to help and rotate

Its not enough to do fun outdoor or craft activities we need to be modeling gospel centered behavior
Our goal is to prepare better missionaries, husbands fathers PH bearers
Scout motto do your best
Pres Hinckley says do your very best

Work with other auxillaries
PP should be on scout committee

Paper with? in 4 corners
!irst person writes something while we sing then crumple up and throw  next person retrieves and does same thing1 one way I can dress modestly for primary is...
The rest sang  the lord needs valiant servants

2 one way i can dress modestly for school is (no inappropriate logos)

the lord needs valiant servants

3 dressing modestly shows that i respect myself because.....( makes me feel better)

dare to do right

4 the way i dress shows that I am a child of god by...(I am keeping the commandments/ dare to do right)

James E. Faust Ensign Nov 2003, 22

James 1:22/D&C 27:15-18

I want to live the Gospel

Again same as last class:  Board members but arms around each other and testified of gospel strength through being united in common cause