Children honor and obey their parents and help one another
(Friend May 2004, suggestion # 3)

Divide older and younger children into separate groups.

As reporters, the older children will look up scripture references and prepare to give "news" reports.
Give each group one of the following scripture references:

  1. 1 Nephi 3:19; 4:614,

  2. Jacob 7:27; Enos 1:116,

  3. Mosiah 27:1316, 3137,

  4. Alma 36:1, 3; Alma 37:12; Alma 62:4552.

Instruct them to find answers to the following questions:

Meanwhile, ask the younger children to draw pictures depicting the stories to be reported on.

Set up chairs in the front of the room for the reporters.
Have a simple script prepared to announce them.
(Sample script:
"This is Primary news station KLDS reporting on events throughout history. Today's report will include stories of parents and children in the scriptures. Let's go to our reporter, John, for a report on parents teaching their children.")

Let the children report on their findings.
While the older children give their reports, display the younger children's pictures in a roller box (see TNGC, 17879) made to look like a small television.

These scripture stories are good examples for us to follow as we respect, honor, and show love for our parents.

Sing "I Am a Child of God" (pp. 23).

Bear testimony that when we follow the teachings of our parents, we are not only showing our love for them but also for our Father in Heaven.