Extended families lend support when needed
(Friend May 2004, suggestion # 4)

Prepare riddles to help the children learn about some of our extended family members

(for younger children, explain that extended family members are relatives other than parents and children).

For example, "See if you can guess who this person is":

Create similar riddles for a grandmother, grandfather, uncle, and cousin.

Read paragraph 7 of "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" with the children.

What do our prophets tell us about our extended family members? (They should lend support when needed.)

Make five picture frames out of paper.
On the bottom of each frame write Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt, Uncle, or Cousin.
On the back of each frame, write a brief case study (see TNGC, 16162). For example:

Make up additional situations involving a grandmother, aunt, uncle, and cousin.

Divide the children into five groups and have a child from each group stand in front of the room.
Give them simple costumes to wear, (to represent the family member on the frame) such as:

Have them hold the frames up to their faces. This is our family portrait wall.

Have each "family member" return to his or her group, read a case study, and discuss what they could do in this situation to help support, serve, and show love to this family member.

Have each group choose a child to join the "family member" at the front of the room.

Have them read the situation to the entire Primary and share what they discussed in their group.

Encourage them to serve, love, and give support to all family members.

Sing "I Have a Family Tree" (p. 199).