Mothers nuture their children
(Friend May 2004, suggestion # 2)

We show love for our mothers by listening carefully, obeying, and speaking kindly.

Before Primary, hide (these) wordstrips (around the room):

Sing the first verse of "Mother, I Love You" (p. 207).
Read aloud some of the responsibilities of mothers from "The Family: A Proclamation to the World," paragraphs 6 and 7.

Have the children listen for what mothers are primarily responsible for (the nurture of their children, which includes teaching, guiding, and caring for them).

Play the game "Mother, May I?" to find the wordstrips that describe ways mothers nurture their children.

Sing the second verse of "Mother, I Love You."

Have the children listen for ways they can show love for their mothers (help you, mind you).

Bear testimony of the importance and blessing of mothers in our lives.