Open House Notes - Living the Gospel Everyday
(notes by Angie)
Objective:  Explore ways to use Faith in God in Activity Days and Scouting to help children learn to live the gospel with joy.


1.  Encourage gospel habits in the lives of the children.

A.  Use music to encourage gospel habits.  To show an example, they used the "whole armor of God", different groups made a different piece of armor with something listed on it that will become our armor (like read scriptures, go to church, etc.) and then we sang the following songs as they put that piece of armor on the child.  It moved too fast for me to explain it all, but I'm sure you can figure out how you would do it...the songs we sang were: 

A Happy Family (strengthen our family);
I Want to Give the Lord My Tenth (pay tithing);
Scripture Power (read scriptures);
The Church of Jesus Christ; When I Go to Church (go to church);
For Health and Strength (live word of wisdom);
Keep the Commandments. 

    Once the armor was on the "child" they threw marshmallows at her to show that the armor would protect her. 

B.  Help the children remember - they can make prayer rocks, keep scripture reading charts, etc. to help establish good daily habits.

C.  Share testimony frequently.


2.  Develop activities from Faith in God.

Use each other to develop activities.  Brainstorm with other leaders - we did this on a couple of topics and it was amazing what we could come up with in just 30 seconds.  Ask ourselves, "What do we want to have happen?"  Consider needs prayerfully, plan and implement interesting activities, and then evaluate the activity.

B. Use other resources to develop activities.  Boy Scout handbook, Activity Book, Cub Scout books, Outline for Sharing Time, Family Home Evening Resource Book, and Friend all have great resource ideas.

C. Use scouting and faith in God together.  They are going to be getting this little training video they showed online "very soon".  It showed an example of how to have a scout meeting integrating gospel principles, gospel music, and scout requirements together.


3.  Prepare the children for the Aaronic priesthood and Young Women.

A. Reinforce their divine roles. - Faith in God page 13, Family Proclamation paragraph 7.

B.  Help them live "My Gospel Standards" - to show this they did an example of an activity you could do for the girls that fills their activity to make a journal entry about how they can be modest.  They gave the girls a paper with 4 sections - "I can show modesty at church by..."; "I can show modesty at school by..."; "Showing modesty helps me feel..."; and "Dressing modestly shows Heavenly Father...".  They would each fill these out then use that outline to go home and complete their journal entry.  Then they made a collage with old magazines, putting modest clothes on the collage.  If the clothes weren't modest, they took markers and "fixed" them before putting them on the collage.


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